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Wow, it has taken me almost a week to fully recover from my five day trip to Market.  There is soooo much to see and seemingly never enough time to take it all in.  Truth be told, most of us run out of money long before we run out of things to look at!  That being said, starting this week the new merchandise should begin to arrive.  I am pleased to announce I was ask by Garnier-Theibaut to become an Ambassador store.  Of course I accepted.  I am sure any of you that have stopped in my shop and seen me gleefully pour wine or water on the tablecloths to demonstrate they are not only beautiful but usable.  As an ambassador store we will have access to the full range of products including bedding and bath towels.  I will also have swatch books for all the products so you will have samples of it all!  The Charleston S.C based company Rewined has expanded beyond just candles and is offering barware and hand made soaps.  I have added the stunning Italian made tabletop products of Vietri  as well as several other wonderful lines.  I will be posting here as well as on Facebook as the new “goodies” arrive.  Be well, and stay warm!  Brad





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