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Fall Cooking with Revol…Pause and reconnect.

Perhaps it is a result of such a long, hot summer but I have been collecting fall and winter recipes like a mad man!  Last week I decided I was going to break down and cook a fall meal in the heat of the late summer.  I decided to cook a few household favorites, roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, roasted Brussel sprouts with sweet potatoes and an apple pie.   Since I picked up the French cookware line Revol last fall I have made variations on this theme almost every week in cool weather.

Revol opened in 1768 and is currently largely hand made in white porcelain by ninth generation passionate men and women that have had their skills and their love of the craft passed to them over the last 249 years!  Most of the Revol Collection is made to be oven to table and is safe for the microwave, freezer and dishwasher.  One of the main features I Love is how easy it is to clean!

I started my afternoon of cooking with the pie.  I used my wife’s “secret” recipe for the crust and then just a standard pie filling recipe.


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After the completion of the pie it was on to the chicken…..  I will not lie, I have roasted a chicken once a week for the last six falls and winters.  It is easy to do, makes several meals and fills the house with a smell that says love.  I have used MANY recipes but my favorite one is given with the Revol chicken roaster.  It is amazing….40 cloves of garlic…ten shallots and BACON!








I LOVE this meal and so m=does my family and MANY guest that we have served it to.  Day two it becomes soup and a freezable meal.  In a world where everything gets a little crazy and everyone is so busy it is wonderful to slow down and reconnect to the things that really matter.  Friends and Family.  Enjoy!





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