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Consignment. It is a WIN, WIN!

We all have those things in our home that we thought we had to have, or that perhaps we inherited, and at the time, could not possibly part with. Over time our taste and needs change.  What do you do with grandma’s silver service for twelve…… or the diamond ring from your previous marriage?  Villa Sanctuary is always seeking quality consignment of furniture, silver, china, crystal and jewelry.  Consignment at Villa Sanctuary is a win, win.  The seller wins because they net more money than they are likely to on their own, and the buyer wins because they are able to purchase the piece less expensively than if it were new .

Please contact me at shopvillasanctuary@yahoo.com or  513-239-5438 to set an appointment.  I look forward the opportunity  to discuss the process in detail.  Only the best, Brad.


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