Victorian Wedding Bracelets


Like most exceptional moments in one's life, the intensity reveals itself slowly, over time, yet never fully. That is unless you are meeting Brad Price for the first time. In my case, I think we talked for hours about goldsmiths around the world, colors of stones, pearls, India, and then some. That's the beauty of knowing Brad, whether you want to learn about color, reset a family heirloom, or just looking for sensory overload!


A pair of engraved yellow gold filled Victorian Wedding bracelets.  The bracelets measure just under 3/4″ wide.

The Victorian era placed a great deal of emphasis on weddings.  Most women did not hold jobs outside of the home.  A young girl spend all of her teenage years preparing for her wedding day.  It became the custom that when the young man would ask for the lady’s hand in marriage he would present her with ONE of the bracelets.  The newly engaged young woman would wear it proudly during her engagement.  The groom would then present the second bracelet on the wedding day.


Now, nearly 150 years later it is rare to find the bracelets still paired.  Typically the sets were divided between daughters

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